Why choose Links of London

  1. A true British standout in jewellery and watches, Links of London offer a variety of Mens and Womens items that are sophisticated and characterful.
  2. The ability to combine elegance and class with style and creativeness is hard to come by, which is what makes this range all the more impressive.
  3. Links of London Jewellery is designed to be comfortable to wear, meaning you can still enjoy glamourous and stylish jewellery without the discomfort that can come from wearing heavier pieces.
  4. At affordable prices for such high-quality designer jewellery, anyone can feel like they are living the high life with these beautiful creations.
A circular jewellery counter, along with a coupld of small tables with 2 green chairs each

Established in 1990 by John Ayton and Annoushka Ducas, Links of London has grown from a small, UK based company to an international powerhouse in the fine jewellery and watches market. In 2007, Links of London launched its first collection of watches, which has now grown to become an essential part of the brand. Their statement pieces offer a very modern mix of jewellery and timepieces, combining both style and luxury in a sophisticated way. This contemporary brand has established itself a fashion must-have, that transfers well from one season to the next. Passionate about British design, they continue to dominate the market, paying particular attention on quality and design.

Booking an appointment

Booking an appointment

For those extra special jewellery or watch purchases, our management teams would like to invite you to book an appointment with one of our experts.

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