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Our guide to finding your perfect diamond shape

June 23, 2017 by

Diamonds are a truly timeless piece of jewellery that will last you a lifetime!

Understandably it may seem like a mine field when you are choosing your diamond ring. There are so many factors to take into consideration who would have thought it could be so complicated!!!

Don’t panic! We are here to ease the pressure and guide you through the array of shapes, helping you to find your perfect match!



Round Brilliant Diamonds

The round brilliant diamond dates back to the 17th century, it is one of the more traditional diamond shapes when choosing an engagement ring. The round brilliant has developed dramatically from the original 17 facets, later increased to 33 facets. The modern round brilliant now has 58 (including the culet) facets! These facets refract the light creating a beautiful vibrant sparkle.


The round brilliant is the most favourable shape for enhancing colour (lack of colour) and makes for a truly timeless piece of jewellery.

Oval Diamonds

The oval shape diamond is a take on the round brilliant, it’s brilliance and lustre is very similar. The length of the stone often makes the diamond appear larger and accentuates long slender fingers. The oval shape adds a slightly vintage feel and pairs up beautifully with the round brilliant shoulder stones.


Princess Diamonds

The princess cut is a relatively new diamond cut, having been created in the 1960s and is the second most popular choice to the round brilliant. The clean edges and pointed corners create a striking centre stone giving the ring an ultra-modern look diamond is the most popular non-rounded stone.


Cushion Diamonds

The modern cushion cut has given new life to a style that was popular in the 1800s. The cushion cut diamond has a slightly softer feel to it than the sharp edges of the princess cut diamond. It combines the squareness of the princess cut with rounded corners, much like a pillow.


Cushions come in a variety of different styles with the older styles having larger facets. Creating a striking effect as the light shines through the stone, allowing greater separation of white light, dispersing dazzling colours.

Emerald Diamonds

Similar to the oval cut a rectangular emerald cut diamond elongates the finger and creates a fabulous show stopping piece of jewellery. The long linear facets of the emerald cut highlight the stones clarity and create a hall-of-mirrors effect.

With its parallel edges and clean lines, the emerald cut has a truly vintage feel to it.


Emerald cut diamonds are available in square and rectangular shape.

Pear Shape Diamonds

Pear shape diamonds, sometimes referred to as a tear drops are truly fascinating. They are a combination of a marquise and round brilliant stone.


The pear shape offers a great alternative to the more traditional shapes. They aren’t as popular as the other shapes and you’ll be sure to make a standout and unique statement.

Marquise Diamonds 

The marquise diamond is a truly unique shape, the length of the stone helps the fingers to appear slenderer whilst giving the illusion that the stone is larger than its overall carat weight. The marquise stone looks ultra-glam when it is set in a high setting allowing light to enter the stone from all angles, whilst showcasing it’s beauty.


Marquise Diamonds are also occasionally called Navette, meaning “small ship” in French.

Heart Shape Diamonds 

The heart shape diamond is a prominent symbol of love. Symmetry plays a key part when the diamond is cut and a smaller diamond may be harder to differentiate the shape. Ideally a diamond of 0.50ct or more will preserve the heart shape outline better.


Have you found your perfect match? Or are you still undecided? Not to worry!! Call into one of our stores and browse our full collection at your leisure.