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The Tag Heuer Carrera Calibre 02T Tourbillon Nanograph

February 1, 2019 by




In January 2019, Tag Heuer unveiled their latest revolutionary timepiece at the Salon international de la Haute Horlogerie in Geneva. The timepiece, Tag Heuer Carrera Calibre Heuer 02T Tourbillon Nanograph is limited to only 500 timepieces worldwide with less than 20 available in the UK.


This innovative development in tourbillon technology has got all watch aficionados excited thanks to Tag Heuer’s ‘avant-garde’ approach to design which with this watch, has exclusively incorporated a never seen before carbon hairspring.


Where has the Nanograph’s name come from?




Carbon is a highly sustainable material which is also extremely lightweight, this is a result of its molecular structure which resembles many joined hexagonal shapes. These shapes are one million times smaller than a millimetre – nanoscopic! The carbon hairspring, crafted for the first time ever by mathematicians, physicists and chemists has been constructed to withstand shocks, magnetic fields and extreme temperatures.


Second to the cutting-edge hairspring, a tourbillion movement is found at the heart of the timepiece. French for whirlwind, the tourbillion movement is arguably one of the most complex movements to craft by hand into a watch.


Why is the tourbillon movement so monumental?

Invented by British clockmaker Thomas Mudge in 1755; the escapement is what holds the most delicate yet important pieces of any mechanical watch including the pallet fork, balance wheel and hairspring. In a normal mechanical timepiece, this escapement is fixed which subjects the balance wheel to the effects of gravity and varies timekeeping dependant on the position of the watch.


Dissimilarly the tourbillons escapement is contained within a rotating cage. The cage allows the movement to enjoy a range of constant motion which effects cancel out any timing variations no matter what position the watch is in.


Prestige is the one of many words that come to mind when I think about this mechanism; which paired with a carbon hairspring allows this timepiece to contend for the most precise mechanical watch on the current market.


The Design




Paying tribute to the inspiring carbon molecular structure, a hexagonal pattern is devoured on the watch’s multi-layered dial, movement and oscillating mass. The hexagons are varied in colour from being sandblasted or fine brushed creating a beautiful mosaic composition.


The neon green glow electrifying the timepiece acknowledges the brazen heritage of the Carrera; driven by motor racing the Carrera was established by Jack Heuer, the great-grandson of Edouard Tag Heuer’s founder. The Carrera was named after Mexico’s most recognised race La Carrera PanAmerica after Jack took interest in the world of racing, particularly the world-famous Rodriguez brothers; Ricardo and Pedro.


Neon green complements the tourbillon movement along with hand and chronograph markers, pushbutton and stitching on the black calfskin leather which has a rubber reverse for extreme wearing comfort.


A tribute to the carbon hairspring is resembled in the tachymeter, case lugs and the deployment buckle which present a stunning design across the pieces.

Watch-winding box






The lavish aura of the Nanograph is enhanced through the complex technology ingrained throughout this extravagant model. An integrated watch winder is embedded into the box that the timepiece comes presented in, this means that even when you aren’t wearing the watch the oscillating mass will continue to keep the balance wheel in motion.Bottom of Form


In conclusion, this timepiece is certainly one for watch enthusiasts however with the capacity to perform to the highest possible accuracy and with a 65-hour power reserve, I think the Nanograph will be a great item for any person to own not just as an investment, but as a day to day watch wearable for any occasion.


The Nanograph is already causing a storm on the watch market and we predict on receipt of the timepiece, it will not take long for any curious enthusiast to snap this watch from our hands, so if you have any enigma surrounding the watch, or want to know more please click this link.


Olivia Brooks


Brand                                    Tag Heuer

Case                                      45mm titanium with black PVD carbon bezel

Movement                           Calibre Heuer 02T

Strap                                     Black calfskin leather and rubber strap

Features                              Chronograph, tourbillon, sapphire crystal, carbon hairspring

Power Reserve                   65 hours

Water resistance                100 metres

Warranty                             2 Years

Price                                     20,750