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Thomas Sabo Spring/Summer Collection

March 7, 2019 by


Intro to SS19

Thomas Sabo are a close friend of our company, a relationship which has grown since 2011 and taken to the next level in the summer of 2017 with the opening of our own Thomas Sabo boutique in the heart of Preston City center; the only privately-owned Thomas Sabo boutique in the world. Thomas Sabo as a watch and jewellery brand is one that we see as innovative and constantly evolving, with no fear of taking on a challenge whether that be a new jewellery concept that bucks the trend of what they are known for or re-inventing their designs dramatically each season. The new Spring / Summer collection is a prime example of what the German based designer is all about.


The Newness

For the Spring / Summer collection Thomas Sabo have gone with warmth and colour in abundance; a concept that is always successful for them and one that had the jewellery industry gazing in admiration at the stunning parrot design that was produced this time last year. This year the true summer vibe comes from the two key collections in the ‘Paradise Colours’ and ‘Love Anchors’. collection




Paradise Colours

Paradise Colours is an impactful women’s collection combining paradisiacal colours with a modern graphic design. The chic designs ooze the boho look with a beautiful play in the collaboration of vibrant, hand set clear stones and a dash of mother-of-pearl that shimmers beautifully with the iridescent abalone. The standout representation from this collection is the Dragonfly. Traditionally a symbol of lightness and transformation, the dragonfly is a great example of Thomas Sabo and their jewellery designed for the summer months.

Adorned with 130 shimmering stones the artistic structure of this pendant will have everyone gazing in awe of not only the beauty, but the attention to detail that is a core ethos of Thomas Sabo. The three-dimensional design is created in silver and an 18ct gold plated finish with both having their own ensemblement of hues in the hand set stones. A showpiece from the Paradise Collection, we predict that this pendant will catch the eyes of many in our store windows.



Love anchor

The collection that holds many symbols, the Love Anchor collection is what we anticipate will be the best gift giving collection for 2019. Throughout the collection you will find anchors and compasses with stunning filigree designs paired with a maritime feel. “Love, Faith and Hope” engravings represent the traditional symbolic sense of the designs. With these kind of sentiments, whether in engraved representations or symbolically designed, the perfect gift for your nearest and dearest can be found.

Our champion piece from the Love Anchor collection is by some standards a simple design, but we feel that sometimes simplicity is not the obvious choice and choice that works so well, but when you analyse this beautiful compass you can see there is far more detail than you first thought. Decorated by hand the stone embellishment is paired with the “Love, Faith, Hope” engraving. The compass is crafted in a feminine way described by Thomas Sabo as to show the way to love.

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Our Thomas Sabo boutique is staffed with young vibrant people who have a passion for the brand and are thrilled to see the latest collection that will build the displays and theme of the store for the next few months. Courtney who has been with us since the launch of this store has chosen the large dragonfly as her favourite.

“ I particularly love the silver dragonfly, the colourful elements are perfect for summer time and I love to change the length of my pendants wearing them both short and at longer lengths, to match my different outfits, which this piece will do perfectly. Wearing the latest jewellery at work is certainly one my favourite parts of the job.”

Zoe, our newest member of the team has championed the beautiful Bee pieces for this season. “If I was pushed to choose what I love the most then I would choose the Bee set! Because a full set is better than one-piece jewellery. It’s really cute, I like the daintiness and the gold tones and the symbol of happiness that the bee represents.”




Confidence is a must have with any brand that we represent in Thomas Sabo we have the confidence is a key element of any successful partnership and in Thomas Sabo we have the confidence in their designs, craftmanship and longevity. As we grow as a business and grow with Thomas Sabo we know that our boutique will always have a special place in the Thomas Sabo family, and as we enter our 5th season in our Preston store it is great to see how much Thomas Sabo themselves have evolved in this short time. We are certainly excited to see what the future may hold.


To view the full range of the latest Thomas Sabo products please click this link

Danny Bond P.J Dip